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Judy Chang Impressive! I can't get the songs out of my head. Favorite track: Bubblegum.
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released May 8, 2016

Shane Mitbo: Vocals // Piano // Guitar // Bass
Cal Bailey: Drums

Fiona Pestana: Vocals on “Private Tantrum II”
Connor Haines (Corruption Recordings): Production // Recording // Mixing

Lyrics by Shane Mitbo. Music by New Fossils.



all rights reserved


New Fossils California

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Track Name: Private Tantrum
I’m growing bored with
The look of my eyelids
Cus despite pressing them shut I
Cannot drift off with
The frustrating knowledge
That sleep is such a waste of time

Moonlight illuminates
Every misstep I take
All of my vices and flaws
Moonlight seems to negate
What small progress I’ve made
By shining down on old wrongs

Give me a minute just to throw a private tantrum
Give me a year and I’ll be no more than a phantom
Give me eighteen and I’ll be a mistake you can’t undo
Give me some sun so I can get out from beneath this moon

I’ve been stomping on this pedal
As a desperate last ditch effort
To sustain myself and hold out these notes
When I listen back it’s just an echo
I’ve been stomping on this pedal
As a desperate last ditch effort
To sustain myself so so so you know
That my life was more than just an echo
Track Name: Bubblegum
You and I are both rather like
Bubblegum in our own separate ways
You’re so sweet and so bad for me
But I can’t resist you anyways
I’m a nuisance still stuck on you
Forcing you to carry me around
Maybe once you enjoyed me but
Since then all my flavors faded out

If you chew me up I know that you’ll only spit me out
If I chew you up I’ll forever taste you in my mouth

You and I are both rather like
Bottles of acetaminophen
You offer no illness’ cure
You offer me only exhaustion
Swallow me whenever you need
A fistful of analgesic drugs
Swallow me whenever you need
Something that will leave you sick and numb

Are you gonna spit me out
Track Name: Losing It
This skin’s a prison I hate the way
It holds my stiff bones secured in place
I wish that my flesh was a bandage
I’d peel to reveal my skeleton

I can never seem to find comfort in
The confinement of my epidermis

I don’t wanna eat at all
I don’t wanna sleep it off
Cus looking in the mirror
Already is my nightmare
I don’t want a photograph
Taken at my most abashed
Cus looking at my picture
Already is my nightmare
And when I see it I see my greatest fear

Inhale and exhale attempt to breathe
I’ll try and hold my head above sea
For in an ocean of self disdain
I’ve fought the tides not to suffocate

If I was to strip
To my skeleton
Maybe I’d begin
To feel adequate

This skin’s a prison
I’ve got a life sentence
Track Name: Masquerade
Into my tomb you came with torch in hand
Irradiating me upon first glance
Your eyes and smile were so familiar
And yet I'd met a wholly different girl

If this is masquarade
Please don't show your face
I'll be the facade that you adorn
If this is massacre
Please don't speak a word
I'll be happy to die by your sword

You're so composed magnificent and slick
I'm so morose and melodramatic
You're present tense while I distantly dream
Of grand romance and future fantasies

Even if I watch your every spin
I will be a needle bound to skip
Even if I watch your every groove
I will play a broken record's tune
When my metaphors have all been used
And I can no longer hide the truth

Into your room I'll reach my hopeful hand
Track Name: Private Tantrum II
I stood in the midnight cold
On the expressway waiting
For a kind and absent soul
To find and liberate me

As the two headlights approached I saw
One for my love and one for my mom
I sealed my eyes closed clenched shut my jaw
And steadied my feet on the asphalt

On my bed a bead of sweat
Cascaded down my face and
Though it all was in my head
I simply couldn’t shake that

In my sleep my tortured mind had dreamt
Fantasies of swift and sudden death
Even my two loves couldn’t convince
Me to step down from the precipice

Why am I so cynical
Volatile and miserable
What was it that lead me to this fate

Why do I seclude myself
From all those who choose to help
Why do I push everyone away

Why am I so plagued with thoughts
That incessantly revolve
Around these asphalt precipices

Why is it when moonlight shines
It always renders me blind
To any other escape from this